Our daughter, Josie, has participated in Shine classes for several years. We have seen her develop from a quiet, shy little person into a confident and talented performer and public speaker. In a thoughtful and personal way, Andi has helped Josie to develop a side of her personality that we did not know was there. Joise now sees herself as strong individual, full of potential. She has learned not only speech and drama, but how to manage and express her emotions, and, most importantly, to believe in herself. Shine has been an incredible experience that we wholeheartedly recommend!

“A wonderful term for my daughter.  Thrilled with her joy and progress, in that order! Thanks for all the love, energy and professionalism that you mix in with finesse!”

“My son thoroughly enjoys your class and looks forward to it every week.  With your encouragement and your enthusiasm, he has gone from being a shy boy who disliked anything to do with public speaking to a more confident presenter and realises it's not such a bad thing.  I have no doubt that it is your personal touch and way with children that is the sole reason for this.!”

“The small numbers mean everybody gets a chance to "shine" and participate without getting bored or waiting around.  Andi has a great nature, very interactive with kids and engaging.  She keeps them on track and focused.  She gives good positive feedback to the kids.”

"A truly lovely teacher with small, supportive and well-thought-out lessons, Andi has given me a wide set of skills that have supported me both in my acting endeavours and in day-to-day life. I have gained a huge amount of confidence from her classes as well as a natural comfort with public speaking which has been, and still is, invaluable. I would highly recommend Andi's classes to anyone looking for a nurturing and supportive environment with lessons that aren't just limited to the stage."

“The kids are enthusiastic to attend and it's been so great for their confidence and speaking in public.  They were so proud of their puppet show!  They ask almost every day if today is "drama class day"”

“Bright, bubbly teacher - brings out the best in each child.”

“The classes provide important social skills and confidence, all in a fun yet well-structured and discplined environment.  The kids (and parents) can't wait to see what's in store each week.”

"My daughter was skeptical of the classes to begin with but after attending her first class she  as sold!  Andi's been an inspiration to her and she's already looking forward to next term."